20 attractions that you certainly did not know about Nirvana and the album Nevermind!

Nirvana was an American rock band founded in 1987 in Aberdeen, Washington. It is one of the most influential music groups of the 1990s. Its founding members were Kurt Cobain (guitar, vocalist) and Krist Novoselic (bass guitar). Several drummers joined the Nirvana band, the last one was Dave Grohl.

September 24, 1991, a trio of young musicians managed to release an album called Nevermind. The band Nirvana has become one of the biggest bands in the world in virtually one night!

He followed the band’s rocket rise to the utmost peak and the tragic death of frontman Kurt Cobain. On 5.4.2014 we remembered the twentieth anniversary of his death and now we bring you 20 interesting facts and facts about the album Nevermind that you certainly did not know!

20. Nevermind should be the first girl on the cover of the album

Photographer Kirk Weddle, who photographed the cover of album album Nevermind made two photos. One was a boy and a second girl. But he liked the photo on which the girl was but the band said clearly „We want the dick.“

19. Nirvana has refused to support the Guns N ‚Roses and Metallica bands tour.

Axl Rose personally asked Nirvana for tour support, but Kurt refused to do so, and even said: „They are people without talent, and I’m writing stupid music.“

18. Kiss band musicians appeared on the back of the Nevermind album

The backshot is actually Kurt’s collage, which consists of images of Dant’s Hell. When you look very carefully and grab the right place – you will see the miniature characters of Kiss, one of Kurt’s favorite bands when he grew up.

17. The video clip „In Bloom“ is a former folk court host, Doug Llewelyn

When „In Bloom“ was captured as the best alternative video and was awarded the MTV Video Music Awards in 1993, Michael Richards introduced the Nirvana and Kevin Kerslake trophies, but Doug Llewelyn was not seen anywhere.

16. Nirvana knew how to go to MTV

When Nirvana was playing on MTV VMA in 1992, she began playing their unreleased song „Rape Me“. MTV did not like it and censored it and covered it with a commercial break.

15. Kurt Cobain was kicked out of his own party for Nevermind

Kurt Cobain came to the party of his own band so drunk that he began to make a mess and to melt the melons. It did not like the ejector, so they showed him the door and threw it out.

14. The Nevermind album should first be called „Sheep“

„Nevermind“ is not a real word. „Never mind“ are two separate words that the band combined to create the legendary Nevermind album.

13. At the beginning of Territorial Pissings, Krist Novoselic is a fake singer

Basgitarist „sings“ the chorus of 60-year-old popular hippie anthem „Get Together,“ written by Cetom Powers textress and composer, and sung by artists like Joni Mitchell, Jefferson Airplane, the Kingston Trio and the Youngbloods.

12. Cobain married Courtney Love on February 24, 1992, on a cliff overlooking Waikiki Hawaiian beach

The move took place five months after the release of „Nevermind“ and drummer Dave Grohl, three Nirvana employees and allegedly a drug dealer but attended by Krist Novoselic, who was not in a good relationship at that time with a bride and the groom.

11. Nirvana almost broke up after a misunderstanding about royalty fees for Nevermind

Six months after the album was released, Cobain suddenly demanded a much larger piece of cake. Novoselic and Grohl almost left the band to protest.

10. Dave Grohl was the fifth (or sixth?) Drummer Nirvana

Grohl, who joined Nirvane just before the Nevermind album was recorded, was preceded by a rotation of the drummers, including Dan Peters from Mudhoney or Dale Crover from Melvins.

9. Dave Grohl was not the only drummer to play on Nevermind

Chad Channing, who sat behind the Nirvana drums on their debut album „Bleach,“ recorded a lot of „Nevermind“ as he lost his position after Grohla arrived. Channing is minimal on the song „Polly,“ where he recorded the cymbals that appeared on this album.

8. The hidden track Endless Nameless was omitted in the first 50,000 copies

A song that begins after a few minutes after the end of Something in the Way, which was the improvised sound captured after the sound kept the tape after a failed attempt to record Lithium.

7. „Weird Al“ Yankovic recorded his own record „Endless Nameless“, but called „Bite Me“

Yankovic’s parody on „Smells Like Teen Spirit“, „Smells Like Nirvana,“ was the restoration of the singer’s career. Both songs appeared on his album „Off the Deep End.“

6. Cobain did not like the original cut by Sam Bayer in „Smells Like Teen Spirit“

Cobain flew back to Los Angeles to personally edit the cult video. MTV News says, done a few things in the clips that saved him all.

5. Nevermind was branded a diamond album for 10 million copies sold in March 1999

In America, 11 million copies were sold, and an incredible 30 million worldwide. „Smells Like Teen Spirit“ placed in the Top 10, in the Top 100 Best Songs List.

4. Nirvana was captured on the 1991 film about the indie legends Sonic Youth

The European film was dated in 1991, and it was the Year Punk Broke documentary, which was screened in 1992 because of legal problems and was first released only on VHS. Later, however, they released it again on DVD.

3. Kurt was allegedly offered the role of the heroin divorce in Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino claims that Courtney Love personally asked Cobain to play the Lance role played by Eric Stoltz, which is why Tarantino, Quentin thanked „Nevermind“ and „In Utero.“

2. Rolling Stone gave the album „Nevermind“ a 4 star rating

Still, he was named the best album of the 1990s and landed at number 17 of the top 500 albums of all time.

1. „Nevermind“ set off Michael Jackson „Dangerous“ from the top of the charts

„Nevermind“ spent a total of 252 weeks on Billboard’s hit chart. But who took Nirvana from the first place? No one other than country star Garth Brooks, with the song ‚Ropin the Wind.‘

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